Perfect Mix, Every Time.

If you like drinking bomb shots

Jager Bombs, Cherry Bombs, Vegas Bombs – you came to the right place. The patent pending MOAB Cup are the newest bomb cups that are sure to be a hit. Whether you are a die-hard or casual party animal, you need to try these bomb cups. Check Out the MOAB Shop Now!

These are the best!!

"We had a great time using them on our Florida vacation. We will be taking them on every vacation from here on out!! Everyone had a blast with them. A whole new fun way of taking a shot! My entire family loved it!"


The angled design that grabs your attention also provides the perfect mix of chaser to alcohol and enhances your drinking experience. It will blow your taste buds away.


The Mother of All Bomb Cups allow you to bring out your inner mixologist you’ve been dying to show off.


At last, you've finally found a product that will bring life to your party or festive occasion. If you're like most people, you've tried a variety of different novelty products, a number of games, and even new beverage options, but chances are the results are the same – some are great while others are a bust...


Please be responsible while using this product. It's intended for adult novelty use only. That being said, let's have some fun! Don't miss your chance on the special deals as they are limited time only, so show your friends the newest trend before it's too late.